The Top 5 Moments Of UFC 133 Highlights Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort, And More

UFC 133 “Evans vs. Ortiz” certainly had some great moments up and down the card. The main Pay-Per-View card in particular was loaded with interesting, crazy finishes. But which stars shined brightest, and what moments will fans be talking about in the following weeks? Here’s my take on the matter: my top 5 best moments of UFC 133.

5. Rory MacDonald stopping Mike Pyle.

MacDonald looked amazing at UFC 133, and what’s even more impressive is that he followed up a dominating win with a dominating win. Before this fight, MacDonald took home a huge victory over Nate Diaz that saw MacDonald basically bend Diaz to his will. Mike Pyle, meanwhile, had garnered a reputation as a veteran that knew how to defeat hot young prospects. MacDonald didn’t believe that hype though, and his lightning-fast stoppage was a great way to start out the main Pay-Per-View card.

4. Alexander Gustafsson defeating Matt Hamill.

Matt Hamill is not an easy opponent for anyone. He’s a world-class athlete with a tremendous amount of heart and fortitude, with good striking and impressive cardio. The last time Matt Hamill was humbled as badly as he was at UFC 133, it was against Jon Jones. This was only the second time in Hamill’s entire career that he’s ever been stopped, and only his fourth overall loss. While seeing one of my favorites lose again was definitely hard, I won’t take anything away from Gustafsson’s great stoppage.

3. Brian Ebersole pummeling a speedo-clad Dennis Hallman.

In terms of distractions, shaving your chest hair into an arrow that points to your chin is pretty clever. Wearing a bright purple speedo is… well, it’s just plain wrong. I have no idea why Hallman chose to wear what he did, but it must’ve worked for him because he had Ebersole’s back for quite some time. But in the end, Ebersole turned it all around and crushed Hallman with a series of vicious shots, particularly some gruesome elbow strikes. Seeing Ebersole prove he wasn’t just a flash in the pan was definitely a great moment for me.

2. Vitor Belfort annihilating Yoshihiro Akiyama.

That’s really the only way you can describe what Belfort did to Akiyama. People complained that Belfort had never fought in the UFC as a Middleweight when he was given a shot at Anderson Silva. Now we know how Belfort performs against most UFC Middleweights. I honestly think Belfort will get a rematch with Silva by summer 2012 at the absolute latest. This was definitely one of the biggest stoppages in a night filled with them.

And my personal pick for the best moment of UFC 133 is…

1. Rashad Evans destroying Tito Ortiz.

Ring rust? What ring rust? Rashad Evans was having none of that “Tito Ortiz is back” hype, and he was also having none of that “ring rust is real” talk. Evans came out, obliterated Tito Ortiz, and looked like a champion while doing so. Ortiz was outmatched, overwhelmed, and looked very much like a shadow of his former self. Everyone criticized Rashad Evans for taking so long to finally secure a fight… but none of that talk mattered in the end. The only thing that mattered is that Evans won at UFC 133 is the most convincing, dominating way possible.