Bellator Rampage Vs Ortiz Press Conference

Bellator Rampage Vs Ortiz Press Conference

Prior to the final card on their summer series, Bellator MMA announced their first venture into the pay-per-view market. As reported on, Quinton Jackson will be fighting Tito Ortiz in the main event on Saturday November 2 in Long Beach, California, and today Bellator is hosting a press conference to officially announce the fight. Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney, Jackson, and Ortiz will all be on hand to answer questions from the media, and we will be bringing you live updates as they unfold. The event begins at 3:00 PM EST, and make sure you refresh your browser to keep up with the updates.

CEO Bjorn Rebney

As an MMA fan, I get to make a fight that I want to see happen as a fan. This isn’t something that is new at Bellator.

(Rebney goes full fan boy, and talks about watching Tito and Jackson.)

We are expecting a big promotion. Viacom has been good to us, and it will be across many platforms.  We will see the full machine running full throttle to promote this fight.

There are other places we will be using Tito in the future.

Price point will be between 35-45$ depending on where you live.

Very highly likely we won’t exceed $50 price point.

If there was a Mt. Rushmore of MMA, these would be two of the heads up there.

If everything works out, Michael Chandler will be on the Tito vs. Rampage PPV.

All the stars lined up to do this.  Our Spike deal, and now signing Jackson and Ortiz.

We are going to see more fights like this, but we are still focusing on tournaments.

We will have a lot of title defenses on this card. Ortiz/Jackson is the main event and is a 3 rounder. 5 fights on the main card.

We targeted Tito to do this ppv with Rampage.

Quinton Jackson

I was looking forward to fighting Roy Jones, I didn’t think Tito would be the first one.  It’s good for fans to see I’m serious about this comebacks.

It’s hard to fight top of the line with the injuries I’ve had. Tito knows what I’m talking about.

People should smack themselves for saying we are has beens.

MMA Has been really boring for a while. I want to make it exciting again. It’s hard to explain, but if  you don’t believe me watch Nuvember 2.

Ill be doing my camp in mexico.

On November 2 we aren’t going to be friend.

I honestly thought I was fighting Roy Jones.  I was surprised to hear Tito signed.

I want to try. It’s the only thng I haven’t done yet. I was hoping to fight Jones. Then Tito came over and fucked it all up.

We have nightmares about our losses. We don’t need fans and promoters giving us crap about losing when it’s 50/50 to begin with.

Tito Ortiz

Really excited to be a part of Bellator. I got an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I have a boss I don’t have to fight with. I’m in a good place physically and  mentally.  Rampage is one of the best there is. I waited a year, and I couldn’t wait anymore.

People saw what I did to Bader.

On July 7th I got a contract, and we hashed it out in a week. We’re going to  put on a show. We’re going to put on a good fight.

My last fight, I thought I won the fight. I beat up the guy, and he ran out of the cage crying. It left a bad taste in my life.

Viacom is going to help me and my business in the future.

Ortiz talks about being coach on Fight Master in the future.

Tito said he isn’t fighting for money. It’s about making history and building my brand.

If fighters want to be treated right, they come to Bellator.

I had surgery on my knee 12 weeks ago.