Ronda Rousey Compares Miesha Tate’s Personality to “Chewing Tinfoil”

Ronda Rousey Compares Miesha Tate’s Personality to “Chewing Tinfoil”

It’s no secret UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey and title-contender Miesha Tate weren’t fans of one another entering taping for the Ultimate Fighter 18. The rivals have exchanged numerous verbal jabs in the past and a few literal ones as well back in 2012 when the two faced off. However, it turns out Rousey dislikes Tate even more so than before after spending time around her.

Rousey’s feelings for Tate were put on display this week when she gave her the finger during a face-off promoting their pairing. The unbeaten divisional queen elaborated on her behavior in a follow-up interview with MMAFighting, explaining…

“You have to realize me and Miesha already finished filming TUF, so no one really knows where we left off, but we do. I can’t really say that much, but I think that things definitely got worse between me and her. I can’t really allude to why so much as she’s never gonna have an Armenian fan again. That’s kind of why I like her less and it’s very noticeable.”

“It definitely didn’t come out of nowhere. You have to watch the show to understand. Even then, there was so much that went on that there’s no way they could put it in that many episodes.”

“I don’t really use the term ‘hate’ but I have learned more about her personality and I haven’t really seen anything I like.”

“I would compare it to chewing tinfoil.”

Tate-Rousey are set to face off on December 28 at UFC 168. Meanwhile, TUF 18 airs on FOX Sports 1 starting on September 4.