John Moraga – “Johnson doesn’t fight. He doesn’t put on exciting fights.”

John Moraga – “Johnson doesn’t fight. He doesn’t put on exciting fights.”

UFC Flyweight, and number one contender, John Moraga said some things when he first got the fight with Flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson that he knew would make the front of MMA websites around the world. Moraga says some of his statements were misconstrued, but he says he is standing by them. Moraga, in short, said Johnson was a boring fighter, and today at the UFC On FOX 8: Johnson Vs Moraga Media day he qualified his statements with what he really meant.

Moraga told MMAJunkie:

“He just bounces around. He runs around too much. He doesn’t fight. He doesn’t put on exciting fights. He’s got a lot of technique and a lot of skill, but he doesn’t finish people, I don’t feel. I think he’s boring.”

“In my opinion – and they asked my opinion – that’s my opinion. The thing that I don’t like is reporters leave out one word here or there, and things get twisted around and it gets mistranslated and misinterpreted. That’s how things get blown out of proportion. They criticize me for saying he’s not a finisher, which is not true. I said he doesn’t try to finish people.

“There’s a lack of effort in what he does, and that’s the difference between me and him. I’m going to go in there and take the risks that I need to take to give effort to finish. I don’t feel he does that.”

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