Mac Danzig Promises Melvin Guillard “He’s in for a Fight” at UFC on FOX 8

Mac Danzig Promises Melvin Guillard “He’s in for a Fight” at UFC on FOX 8

UFC lightweight Mac Danzig has only been knocked out a single time in his 32-fight career and doesn’t plan on the second instance coming this Saturday night at UFC on FOX 8 when he meets Melvin Guillard in the Octagon. Though Guillard packs a ton of power and Danzig has no intention of running from “The Young Assassin” once the cage door closes, the Ultimate Fighter 6 winner believes he can handle his foe no matter how the fight unfolds.

Danzig spoke about Guillard in a recent interview with, comparing his adversary to the last opponent he faced while also explaining how he expects action to go down.

“I think I gave Takanori Gomi a little too much respect because I was thinking about the one thing he does have with power and being careful to avoid it. I was telling myself not to get caught up in any exchanges, not to leave myself open, and it caused me to fight a little more tentative than I should have been…at least in the first round anyway. I don’t think I’m going to be fighting Melvin that way.

“Melvin is always going to rely on his power and his speed. He has some good movement and it makes things hard for guys who just want to stand there and counter because he jumps in and throws fast and hard then jumps out. Guys can’t really counter him because of that. With Melvin, I honestly expect him to do something different. He has a different training camp and I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to throw a wrench in the mix or tries to change things up on me.

“I’m prepared for anything and prepared for him to be the best he can possibly be because he’s dealing with a guy who is at the best point of his career and this is the best me that I’ve ever been. I’m more focused than I’ve ever been and if he is good enough to beat me now then he’s really good. I’m just looking forward to doing the right things, going in there and using my mind effectively, and staying calm. He’s in for a fight, that’s for sure. I’m not going to run away from him and look for takedowns; he’s in for a fight.”