UFC Acquires IFL Assets

You may have noticed that former IFL fighters competing on Ultimate Fight Night 14 Saturday night were accompanied by IFL fight highlights.

That wasn’t a temporary arrangement.

Fighters.com has confirmed that Zuffa, LLC has acquired certain assets of the International Fight League, including the IFL video library and fighter contracts.

The deal is similar to the buyout of the World Fighting Alliance in 2006 and allows Zuffa to get its hands on the valuable IFL video library and fighters without assuming the failed company’s debt.

Fighters.com broke the possibility of the acquisition Thursday.  Since, there has been debate in the MMA media about whether the fighter contracts were transferrable.

However, the anonymous former IFL fighters who’ve confirmed to Fighters.com that they’ve been notified of the aqcuisition of their contract by Zuffa, LLC have also confirmed that their contractual obligations are now to Zuffa, LLC according to their respective managements and legal counsels.

Neither Zuffa, LLC nor the IFL have replied to Fighters.com requests for comment, nor have either made official announcements regarding the acquisition.

Unlike the WFA deal where the WFA announced it would cease operations upon the Zuffa, LLC acquisition of its assets, it’s unclear whether the IFL will put the “Out of Business” sign on its offices.