Brian Stann Retires from MMA to Focus on Family

Brian Stann Retires from MMA to Focus on Family

The UFC lost a fan-favorite today after middleweight Brian Stann decided to retire from Mixed Martial Arts and put his energy towards life outside of the Octagon. Specifically, Stann is out to spend more time with his wife and children, as well as working in a broadcaster’s capacity for FOX Sports relating to both UFC and NCAA Football events.

The 32-year old Stann revealed his decision earlier today on The MMA Hour, stating:

“There are a lot of reasons that have caused me to retire from the sport. But really for me, it’s the best thing, and more importantly for my family right now. I’m still going to be involved as much as the UFC will allow me to be in the UFC, and continuing to be an ambassador for the sport.”

“As far as competing anymore, as sad as it makes me, it’s not the best thing for me as a husband and a father.”

Stann racked up a 12-6 record in his career as well as a title under WEC’s banner. Nine of his wins featured strike-based stoppages including those over Jorge Santiago and Chris Leben.