Georges St-Pierre Surprised by Chris Weidman’s Win

Georges St-Pierre Surprised by Chris Weidman’s Win

UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre has trained with new middleweight title-holder Chris Weidman on a handful of occasions and knows first-hand how able the unbeaten 29-year old is. As such, he was quick to pick Weidman to win his UFC 162 fight against former champion Anderson Silva and was even bold enough to predict a finish would occur.

In retrospect, St-Pierre looks pretty smart. However, GSP recently spoke to Poker Listings where he admitted he was even caught off-guard by the nature of Weidman’s victory.

“I predicted Chris Weidman would win but I didn’t think he’d win the way he did. I thought he would win with ground and pound or some kind of submission but he won with a beautiful knockout standing up.”

“But I think Silva just got caught. I still think he’s the best in the world.”

SOURCE: Poker Listings