Chris Weidman Details Camp for Anderson Silva

Chris Weidman Details Camp for Anderson Silva

UFC middleweight Chris Weidman faces a challenge like no other in the division on Saturday night when he squares off against explosive champion Anderson Silva. “The Spider” has won all sixteen of his fights inside the Octagon and embarrassed a number of high-level foes, the next of which could very well be Weidman.

To deal with the upcoming onslaught, the 29-year old Weidman improved his training camp by bringing in a few specialists and having things more organized than normal thanks to the work of a man associated with some of the best gyms in the world, John Danaher.

Weidman told MMAJunkie

“We made some changes to the camp, actually. It was run a little bit more professionally than usual. We had John Danaher, who kind of stepped up and organized the camp professionally. Things were actually scheduled. We had a camp that kind of concentrated on Anderson’s weaknesses and strengths, and worked on ways to beat him in both areas.”

“Most of my other camps were very general, and nothing was scheduled. It was kind of like just wake up and call people and work out as hard as I can. But this time, every day was planned out in advance. It was nice to have the comfort of not stressing out about what’s happening every day. Also, it was the first time we brought some people in to train with. I got a bunch of different looks, and I’m real happy with everything and the way it went.”

On sparring with Stephen Thompson:

“He’s actually sparred Anderson Silva before. He was able to emulate Anderson the best. He’s a little smaller than me, but for the standup, he helped me get used to the quickness. He’s been doing standup since he was like 4 years old, so he’s so relaxed in there, similar to Anderson. That was a big help, too.”