Chael Sonnen: “As epic and huge of a fight as this is it will not be close.”

The first meeting between UFC middleweights Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen will go down in the history books as one of organization’s most memorable fights given Sonnen’s strong start and Silva’s slick submission stoppage. However, this time around it seems as though neither one envisions anywhere near as epic an encounter.

Silva’s recent rant on a conference call with media where he referred to breaking Sonnen’s arms, legs, face, and teeth left little doubt about the champion’s intentions come UFC 148. Now, in an extended preview for the July 7 show, Sonnen’s take on how the match-up will unfold is equally scathing and discredits the possibility of a competitive clash.

Silva Says Playtime is Over

“As epic and huge of a fight as this is it will not be close. I will destroy him again and he will come up with his excuses again. I will take what I want one punch and one kick at a time,” said Sonnen to the cameras.

Check out the complete extended preview below including a segment highlights Tito Ortiz-Forrest Griffin III: