Rich Franklin: “I’m in Brazil, I’m fighting Wanderlei Silva. It doesn’t really get much bigger than that.”

Last night’s fight between UFC middleweights Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva will go down as one of the most memorable tilts of 2012. The bout featured back-and-forth action with each legend nearly being finished before battling back. The boisterous Brazilians in attendance certainly approved of the showing as did all who had the pleasure of laying eyes on it.

Franklin reflected on the rumble shortly after it had ended and had nothing but positive things to say about his opponent as well as the experience of fighting in Silva’s home country.

Franklin Relishes Role of Being Reliable

“I’m in Brazil, I’m fighting Wanderlei Silva. It doesn’t really get much bigger than that. It’s an honor to come down here and he’s such a respectable person,” explained Franklin in an interview with the UFC where he was also shown exchanging compliments with Silva. “I was well-received from the beginning and I would come down here and fight again. It was a pleasure to be here for the fans.”

As far as the fight, Franklin had a slightly harder time offering up an assessment based on the damage Silva put on him in the second round when “Ace” was seemingly done for.

“When you get dropped, things in a fight just start getting jumbled. Really I’m gonna have to go back to the tape with my coaches Rob and Neil and evaluate how I did basically,” said a still-bewildered Franklin.

While Franklin may have a hard time remembering the fight there’s no doubt the battle is firmly etched in the minds of countless fans the world over.

Watch the complete interview with Franklin below: