Jake Ellenberger: “This is how this fight is going to go…”

UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger is full of confidence these days and for good reason. He is coming off a huge knockout win over Nate Marquardt, giving him eight instances of success in his last nine fights including other notable victories like those over Mike Pyle, Jake Shields, and Diego Sanchez. However, despite his self-assurance, Ellenberger has a stiff test in front of him next month at UFC on FOX 8 where he’ll face 14-1 wunderkind Rory MacDonald.

Ellenberger spoke to Bleacher Report about the July 27 tilt where he showed little respect for his foe, questioning the legitimacy of MacDonald’s skills in comparison to the way he’s been built up by hype.

“This is a huge, pivotal fight for the welterweight division. It can set the tone for the division going into the end of the year. It’s a huge fight and there is no bigger place than on FOX. Then you factor in that I don’t like him, and that should make it fun to watch. I just don’t like him and it’s something I’m definitely looking forward to.”

“I love how much the media has pushed him, and that makes it better for me. They like to embellish this young kid. Rather than base things on his accomplishments, it’s more about his potential. I really don’t know why, to be honest with you. Rory is as fake as the food he is named after…there is a restaurant in Lincoln, Nebraska named Rory’s.”

“This is how this fight is going to go. Buffer screams. Rory runs. Jake swings. Rory sleeps. Crowd screams.”

SOURCE: Bleacher Report
PHOTO CREDIT: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports