Carlos Condit Humbled By His Success

UFC welterweight Carlos Condit loves his life. He has a beautiful, healthy family and the type of career countless other individuals aspire to achieve. However, that’s not to say Condit was always confident in his ability to make a living as a Mixed Martial Artist.

Condit recently spoke with Bleacher Report where he acknowledged the blessings in his life have given him a tremendous sense of appreciation.

“I’ve come farther than I ever even imagined I would. I started in MMA because I love to fight. I walked into the gym the first day and knew this was my sh*t. This is what I want to do. But there was no career. The top guys in the sport weren’t making a ton of money and most of them were working side jobs. From the mindset of doing it for the love and passion of the sport to being able to make a living—a damn good one at that—traveling the world and having the opportunities that I do, it’s incredible. It’s humbling to be honest.”

“Thinking back to when I was a kid, I was never the fastest. I was never the most talented kid but I was always scrappy—always tough—and I was always willing to work the hardest at whatever I was doing. I’ve carried that mentality with me throughout my career and it’s something I’ll continue to have going forward.”

Condit will look to continue his run of success on August 28 when he faces Martin Kampmann at UFC on FOX Sports 2.

SOURCE: Bleacher Report