Jamie Varner Teaches Free Self Defense Seminar With Pro Rock Climber Sierra Blair Coyle (VIDEO)

UFC Lightweight Jamie Varner is always staying busy between fights. When Varner recently had some extra time on his hands he wrangled up his sponsor Body Fortress and Independence Gym to help organize a free and open to the public self defense seminar. Varner also enlisted the assistance of professional rock climber Sierra Blair Coyle who also spoke to the benefits of having self defense tactics explained from a professional fighter. The even drew about 30 attendees and Coyle says there is a lot of cross training over from rock climbing to fighting. “There is a lot of technique and finesse that goes into both sports.,” Coyle said. “You can be the strongest person in the world and not be the best fighter, and the same goes for climbing.”

Varner explained “I felt it was really important to pass along my knowledge. This was all about how to defend yourself if you are attacked or put in a situation that you can’t talk your way out of or back your way out of. It’s always been important to me pass this stuff along because people did it for me.” Check  out the short vignette of the event below.

Courtesy of KOReps:

Photo Credit -Jamie Varner