UFC President Dana White calls NAC the “worst athletic commission in the country”

Outspoken UFC executive Dana White has been quick to criticize athletic commissions in the past based on some of the issues with officiating, judging, and policy in general. However, few issues have pushed White’s buttons like this weekend’s scoring fiasco in Las Vegas when Timothy Bradley was awarded a Split Decision over Manny Pacquiao despite nearly everyone else in the building (and at home) feeling it should have gone the other way.

“Nevada state athletic commission at its finest,” wrote a sarcastic White on Twitter. “You’ve (got) to be f*cking kidding me!! That is disgusting.”

White has also had issues with the NAC before in the past pertaining to their handling of Floyd Mayweather’s run-ins with the law

White Calls Mayweather Jr. a Racist

“Worst athletic commission in the country,” he finished in as animated a tone as could be conveyed through text.


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