Rashad Evans Says His Swagger is Back

If fans felt UFC light heavyweight Rashad Evans looked like a shell of himself in a February loss to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira it’s because he was. Outside of dealing with a few personal issues, Evans recently revealed he decided to reel in his personality instead of approaching the bout as he usually would.

Evans explained his rationale to MMAJunkie, saying his “swagger” had returned for this weekend’s rumble with Dan Henderson at UFC 161

“I turned down the swagger a little because I wanted to be more focused in my competitions. But when I did that, I took a little piece away from me. I took a little of that go inside of me that pushed me, that part that made me get into a dogfight with anybody and do anything to get the win.”

“When I go out there and compete, I have to be cocky. That’s how I compete. I have to have my swag out there and be like that because that’s a part of me. It’s a part you’d never see of me in regular life because I joke around and smile, and you don’t see that side.”

“But when I compete, I want the person I’m fighting to know that he shouldn’t have even signed the contract to fight me. He should be embarrassed, and I want to embarrass him for doing so.”