Quinton Jackson Explains Interest in Professional Wrestling

Light heavyweight Quinton Jackson turned heads last week when he signed with Bellator. However, it wasn’t just Jackson’s decision to ink a deal with the organization that caught the public’s attention. As those who follow wrestling news know, “Rampage” also agreed to showcase his skills on the scripted front with TNA Wrestling.

The 34-year old recently spoke to The MMA Hour about his decision to give professional wrestling a go, explaining he’d been a fan since childhood and was excited to entertain his fans through a new medium

“I don’t know a lot about that world. I used to watch that as a kid before I got into MMA. That’s why I used to do all those slams before I got addicted to knocking people out. I haven’t watched it in a couple of years. From what I heard, the fans liked (my first appearance). Now I have to get used to people telling me what to do. TNA is kind of crazy. They tell me to do an interview, Kurt Angle interrupted my interview. I didn’t know.”

“I’m sure I’ll beat up my body, it’s the same thing people told me about MMA. I don’t plan on being one of those pro wrestlers doing all that crazy stuff. I’m coming into the game with a few injuries. I’m just looking to entertain everybody. I am different from other stuff. I can’t do all that high flying.”

“Everything is brand new, they haven’t told me anything. They don’t know. They think I might learn it faster because I grew up watching it and pretending to be a pro wrestler as a kid, watching it for 17 years. Maybe I’ll get it faster than others, or maybe not.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports