Cael Sanderson Stops By Kings MMA, Trains With Wanderlei Silva

wanderlei silva

While he doesn’t have a fight lined up after being removed from a scheduled meeting with Chael Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva continues to release videos of his training sessions.

In the latest one, Silva is at his gym, Kings MMA, working out with Cael Sanderson. Sanderson, the current head wrestling coach at Penn State University, is a former four-time NCAA champion and U.S. Olympic gold medalist.

Silva welcomes Sanderson to the gym and even asks him about competing in MMA, to which he simply says, “Never.” Sanderson and Silva do some training work, with the Brazilian showing off some improved wrestling for a short period of time before eventually getting taken down.

We also see Silva showing Sanderson a few stand-up moves. “The Axe Murderer” was removed by the UFC for the Sonnen fight, being replaced by Vitor Belfort.

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