Thiago Silva: “When I rain down punches on his face, what is he going to do?”

Light heavyweight Thiago Silva doesn’t like UFC on Fuel 10 opponent Rafael Cavalcante and isn’t afraid to talk about it. At the root of his issue appears to be a perceived change in Cavalcante’s behavior over the years, going from a peer Silva was friendly with into one who isn’t quite so friendly.

In a recent interview with MMAJunkie, the 14-3 Silva spoke about his fight with “Feijao” where he promised violence.

“If he’s man enough, he’ll meet me in the middle, if not, he can run. Let’s see how he shows up, because he sure is talking a lot.”

“He thinks he’s a superstar now – I tried to be cool with him, to talk to him. Now he’s acting like he doesn’t know me. He thinks he’s a Hollywood celebrity.”

“When I rain down punches on his face, what is he going to do? I never disrespect anyone before a fight, but he’s talking too much. I want to see what he does when I slap him around like Brandon Vera.”


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