Georges St-Pierre sees similarities in poker and Mixed Martial Arts

UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre hasn’t set foot inside the Octagon as a fighter in more than a year after injuring his knee and being forced onto the sidelines. However, the 31-year old’s desire to compete burns as bright now as it ever has, paying off dividends in the rehabilitation process and, as it turns out, at the poker table.

Like many people, Mixed Martial Artists included, St-Pierre has found himself sucked into the world of poker. It is a game GSP respects based on the strategy involved and also sees benefits in for other reasons including a means of assisting a cause he believes in.

“I have wanted to play poker for a while now as it is a great game of skill. It is not just your cards versus my cards; it is you versus your opponent,” said St-Pierre at a press conference for 888 Poker.

St-Pierre recently teamed up with the brand to represent them at this summer’s World Series of Poker where he’ll also be playing for something near and dear to his heart.

“The most important aspect of my partnership with 888 Poker is that we are going to generate a great deal of money for my foundation that dedicates its efforts towards anti-bullying causes.”

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