Donald Cerrone: “I plan on being a champion before my day is done.”

UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone has come close to challenging for a belt on two occasions since joining the organization including a recent run ended by Anthony Pettis’ superior striking earlier this year. Though Cerrone is only 30 years old, his all-out approach to action both in and out of the ring have led to questions about how much longer “Cowboy” can continue to compete at a high level.

Cerrone isn’t one to look too far down the road, focusing on life as it unfolds in front of him, but he does have one long-term goal in mind – becoming champion. The 19-5 Cerrone will have a chance to make another trek towards top contendership with the first step coming on Saturday night when he faces K.J. Noons at UFC 160.

Cerrone spoke about the scrap, as well as his career, in a recent interview with the UFC’s website, explaining…

“K.J. is coming to throw down and I’m excited about it. He likes to stand up and let it go. Stylistically it is going to be a hell of a fight and that’s what the crowd wants to see. It should be interesting.”

“I’m confident all around in this fight. For this training camp, I’ve been working on my weaknesses and making them my strengths. Every time after a loss, you always try to focus on what you did wrong and what you need to improve on. I feel confident in my ground game but I like to stand, man. I like to throw down and that is what people love to see. I never ever want to go out there and get booed. People like to see fighters come out there and throw and that’s what I love to do.”

“A champion is something I want to be. You always want to be able to say you are the best in the world. That is the overall goal. But do I mind fighting a lot and being at the top of the pile? No I don’t. But I plan on being a champion before my day is done.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports