Junior dos Santos: “I want to knock him out and I will give my best to knock him out.”

UFC heavyweight Frank Mir has made his gameplan clear when it comes to his crack at divisional champion Junior dos Santos in a little over a week – set up a takedown with some strikes, drag action to the mat, and score a submission win. Interestingly enough, Dos Santos has also decided to remove any shroud of mystery surround his intentions at UFC 146 and they involve separating Mir from consciousness.

Dos Santos recently spoke about his May 26 bout with the former title-holder where he explained he’ll be ready for Mir’s ground-game and aiming for the knockout.

“I know Frank Mir is going to try to take me down and use his very good Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He’s got good strikes too, but I believe so much in my hands, and all the fights start on the standing, so I think I can take advantage on that and keep this fight on feet and I will be looking for the knockout for sure,” said the hard-hitting Brazilian in an interview on The MMA Hour. “I want to knock him out and I will give my best to knock him out. If the fight goes to the ground, I don’t want to put the fight on the ground, but if he takes me down or something like that and holds me there, I will show my jiu-jitsu for everybody. I can tell you I’m ready to fight, it doesn’t matter where. I can surprise everyone fighting on the ground, too.”

Mir Says Dos Santos Has No Chance on the Ground

The 27-year old Dos Santos’ only career loss came by way of submission nearly five years ago while nine of Mir’s sixteen total instances of in-ring success have involved a tap-out or technical stoppage. Comparably, all five of Mir’s defeats have featured a strike-based finish with Dos Santos possessing ten TKO wins under his belt.