Johny Hendricks and Jamie Varner Take On The Spartan Race Course Saturday

UFC fighters Jamie Varner and Johny Hendricks are planning on taking the next Spartan Race course by storm, and they are now sponsored by one of the most recognized brands in all of sports. Varner and Hendricks, both sponsored by Reebok, will be looking to tear up the Burnet , Reebok Spartan Race Sprint course on May 18th. The course will consist of more than 4 miles of grueling obstacles and challenges, and although both men have proven their mettle in the UFC octagon, only Varner has felt the full brunt of a Spartan Race course.

Varner explained in a statement to, and he is already making it competitive with his Reebok teammate. “I am very excited to compete in my second Spartan Race event and this time partner with the great people over at Reebok. I anticipate the Texas course to be very tough and am hoping I can beat the hometown favorite Johny Hendricks with my experience.” Varner explained how he plans on using is experience from last time. “The first event I competed in was a Spartan Super (about 8 miles), this will be a Spartan Sprint (about 4 miles), and I look to finish off the trifecta with a Spartan Beast ( about 13 miles) later this year. Staying in the competitive mindset between fights is big for me. I hope to finish in the top 5-10% of the field,” Varner proclaimed.

Hendricks’ next MMA test comes in the form of a title fight for the sports biggest prize, but he has to get through UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre to collect it. To stay in shape, and support his sponsors, Hendricks says he is really looking forward to the course. “This is going to be a great experience. We have been training hard for this event and I even have a few teammates from my gym set to compete in the race. I have heard nothing but great things about these events and I look forward to the course kicking my ass, says Hendricks. He concluded “ Jamie might be one up on the experience but I have got the home cooking!”

The race happens this Saturday, May 18 in Burnet, Texas at the Reveille Peak Ranch, and the fans can keep track of the results at