Ben Askren “Only Been Tested Once” for Drugs in Bellator

It’s not uncommon to hear about a UFC fighter testing positive for drugs whether recreational or performance enhancing. After all, athletes in every sport try to gain a competitive advantage, need to ease the pain of training, or are simply looking to party. However, Bellator hasn’t run into many issues relating to competitors coming up dirty and, according to welterweight champ Ben Askren, there’s a good reason for that.

“Just read (an) article on why Bellator fighters don’t fail drug tests. Hard to fail a test when you don’t take it. Only been tested once,” wrote Askren on Twitter. “Don’t really care that we aren’t tested because cheaters will cheat no matter what! Just thought the article was really silly.”

Askren has fought for Bellator eight times including multiple title-bouts. He did not reveal which match-up he had to submit a sample for.

Officials have yet to respond to the unbeaten Askren’s comments.

SOURCE: Twitter