Chris Weidman Discusses Anderson Silva’s Best Traits

UFC Middleweight number one contender Chris Weidman picked a fight with the pound for pound best fighter on the planet when he said he was ready for current champion Anderson Silva. The two are set to meet on July 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC 162, and Weidman will look you dead in the eyes and tell you he can beat him. In a recent interview, Weidman spoke about the things he feels he does better than Silva, Silva’s reputation, and what he thinks Silva’s best trait is.

Weidman told ESPN:

“I just always saw what I could do to him. Not really weaknesses. I just always thought I had better wrestling. I thought I had the length and the athleticism to be aware on the feet and strike with my takedowns.”

“I think that’s the best trait he has,. He’s earned a certain mystique about him where people fear him before they even get in the cage. He does a great job of making you feel like, ‘I’m that much better than you.’

“People say he’s being cocky and it’s bad for the sport. I look at it as he’s mentally breaking that guy. He’s making him think, ‘This guy is so relaxed he has his hands down.’ When you’re in the cage and you’re very structured and tense and the guy you’re in with is doing that, it can blow your mind.”

Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE