Tito Ortiz On Jon Jones: “His mindset is perfect.”

Ten years ago there was a different guy running the show in the light heavyweight division. UFC Hall of Famer and former Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz was the guy everyone was trying to figure out how to beat, and one by one he beat them. These days Jon ‘Bones Jones is the man with the code the division is trying to crack, and now that he is on the heels of breaking Ortiz’s record for consecutive defenses in the division, Ortiz is saying if it had to be done he is glad it was the current champion.

He told MMAFighting:

“If I’m under a person who holds the record, I think Jon Jones is the man [it should] be. He’s very classy. He’s respectful, soft spoken, and he’s a true champ. I really don’t see anybody to beat him. I don’t think anybody can really get close to him. His mindset is perfect. I think it’s how a champion should be. As long as no personal stuff happens to him, I don’t think he’ll have much problem with anybody, just because of his wrestling. Wrestling has always been a dominating force in UFC.”

On Bones Vs Sonnen:

“That was the easiest fight for Jonny ‘Bones’ Jones,” said Ortiz.” I like Chael, he’s a friend of mine. But he’s a 185-pounder. He’s not a 205-pounder. The weight classes are totally separated there. If Chael walks in at 205, maybe 204, Jonny ‘Bones’ Jones is 6-foot-5, 225. This is like a wrestling match, that’s why they had weight classes in wrestling, because you can’t wrestle someone bigger than you. Chael showed that. He couldn’t stop the takedown.”

Photo  Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports