Georges St-Pierre Would Rather Drop to Lightweight than Move to Middleweight

Fans hoping to eventually see UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre beef up to challenge middleweight king Anderson Silva got a dose of bad news this week after GSP revealed reservations about taking on a vastly larger opponent. Though St-Pierre has always been seen as a big welterweight, he actually feels a drop down to lightweight is more realistic than packing on pounds.

St-Pierre’s surprising announcement came this week on the Joe Rogan Experience where he said welterweight contender Johny Hendricks would “probably” be his next opponent, expressing minimal interest in Silva unless the tilt took place in the division the French-Canadian currently calls home.

“I don’t do much cutting. It would be easier for me to go fight at 155 than fighting at 185. I would be more at my weight naturally at 155. There’s guys at 155 that walk around at 190 like me. They think I’m big because I have a large frame, but I’m not a big guy. I’m not thick.”

“Anderson Silva is very big. He’s 230 pounds. He’s a very big guy walking around, and I’m 190 pounds. It’s a lot of weight difference. If this fight happens one day, we’re going to have to decide what weight class and everything.”

“If he can make 170, he can weigh 170, I can weigh 170, and everything is fine.”

SOURCE: Joe Rogan Experience/MMAJunkie (transcription)