Daniel Cormier: “Normally you get beaten up on and it humbles you but that doesn”™t seem to be the case in Frank Mir”™s world.

UFC heavyweight Frank Mir (16-6) has unleashed a steady stream of smack in Daniel Cormier’s direction since the two were booked for a bout at UFC on FOX 7. In Mir’s opinion, Cormier’s level of competition has been questionable despite the unbeaten Strikeforce veteran owning wins over Josh Barnett and Antonio Silva, and he’s also promised to break Cormier’s arm if necessary to procure a tap.

With only a few days left before the 11-0 Cormier can get his hands on Mir, the heavy-handed wrestler is ready to shut Mir’s mouth even though he knows the silence will only be temporary based on his foe’s past behavior.

Cormier recently told the UFC’s website:

“Frank has talked and talked and he just does it over and over. He just likes to talk and I’m not sure if he actually thinks I’m not very good or he’s just trying to convince himself that he’s not in over his head. I don’t exactly know what the purpose is or his motivation behind it, but I’m a pretty level-headed guy. I’m not going to be so pissed off; I’m going to lose myself in this fight. I’m going to keep my head about me but that’s the beauty of our sport. He can talk and say whatever he wants, but on April 20, he has to go inside that cage and back all those words up. If you don’t then it doesn’t look very good on your behalf.”

“Obviously that aspect doesn’t bother Frank very much because he talked against Brock Lesnar and got his ass kicked. He’s still talking about Brock as a matter of fact. He talked about Shane Carwin and got beat up too. He’s still talking about Junior dos Santos after Junior beat him the way he did. Obviously talking trash and getting his ass kicked does nothing to his pride. I guess he can go out there and get beat up on and still feel pretty good about himself the next day.”

“Normally you get beaten up on and it humbles you but that doesn’t seem to be the case in Frank Mir’s world. I don’t quite understand it, but at the end of the day he has to get in that cage and try to back all those words up he’s said about me.”

“His comments actually show me he has no earthly idea what’s coming at him. It’s going to be a high pace. He’s going to have to wrestle. He’s going to have to grapple and I won’t give him any place to rest. I really do think he has no idea of what he is in for. The first mistake of fighting is not being respectful of your opponent and his comments have proved he doesn’t respect what I bring to the table. I respect Frank Mir as much as any person in the world for his skills, accomplishments and everything he has done. I’m not sure he feels the same way about me and that is going to make it a big eye opener when we step in that cage on April 20.”