Bellator champ Eduardo Dantas concerned about fighting teammate Marcos Galvao

The concept of a fighter facing one of his/her teammates is nothing new in MMA. Legacies are defined by success in the ring, not personal ties, and as such there is always the risk of running into a training partner if both individuals are talented enough and in the same division. Notable examples include Rashad Evans-Keith Jardine, Jon Fitch-Josh Koscheck, or even this weekend’s title-tilt between Evans and Jon Jones. In each instance but the latter the fighters refused to face off and Evans-Jones saw their friendship fractured over the matter.

It appears Bellator may encounter a similar situation in the near future if Marcos Galvao continues to advance in the Season 6 bantamweight tournament as his Nova Uniao teammate Eduardo Dantas expects. Dantas also happens to be the newly crowned 135-pound champion meaning he and Galvao could be forced to meet down the road based on the organization’s contendership structure.

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“That would be complicated,” said Dantas to MMAJunkie when asked about the issue. “He’s a warrior and excellent athlete. But he’s my friend, so I don’t see this fight happening.”

“Let’s wait to see who wins the tournament, and then we’ll talk,” he continued, patiently waiting for things to play out. However, Dantas did add he might be willing to face Galvao “for the right price” though he didn’t put a specific financial figure on the label.

Galvao defeated Ed West this past Friday night to advance to the semifinal round of the bantamweight tourney where he will face fellow Brazilian Luis Nogueira.