Jon Jones not worried about Rashad Evans’ wrestling

In past situations UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones has shown enormous amounts of respect to his adversaries. However, in the case of rival Rashad Evans the 24-year old hasn’t bitten his tongue regarding his upcoming challenger’s shortcomings. Jones’ demeanor has in large part been influenced by the overwhelming amount of negativity coming out of his former teammate’s mouth pertaining to his own ability as well as that of the coaches at Jackson’s MMA.

“Bones” recently blasted Evans in an interview where he made it clear he is hardly concerned with the former title-holder’s ability to take opponents down and control them from above.

“We know everything about him. I really don’t think he takes that seriously. I think he thinks him holding me down in practice means a lot when it doesn’t. Holding me down does nothing but kills time on the clock,” explained Jones in a conversation with Prickly Pear Studios. “It’s safe to say he lays and preys. Who has he finished from the top position? I think one fight when he was at heavyweight and then Forrest Griffin. His top game…I’m not afraid of it. He doesn’t go for submissions really.”

“When I get on top of people you see blood within the first few seconds. Instantly. He gets on top of people, people get back to their feet and start fighting again,” Jones joked, shrugging off Evans’ signature attack.

Jones-Evans Face Off in Heated Interview on Ultimate Insider

Fans can see how successful Jones will or won’t be in defending against Evans’ approach when they meet on April 21 at UFC 145 in Atlanta. The bout marks the culmination of almost a yearlong feud between the two talented 205ers.