Thiago Alves learned valuable lessons in loss to Martin Kampmann

With more than seven years on the UFC roster and seventeen appearances inside the Octagon it’s easy to forget welterweight Thiago Alves is only 28-years old, still having at least a few more years before hitting the age many see as being a Mixed Martial Artist’s prime. As his experience and general knowledge grow, so will Alves as a high-level fighter, leaving mistakes he’s made before behind him rather than carrying them over into the next contest.

One of those errors Alves has since addressed had to do with the presence of an unnamed cornerman who worked his March loss to Martin Kampmann. The American Top Team-trained “Pitbull” had seemingly done enough to earn an easy decision win before attempting an ill-fated takedown attempt with a minute remaining in the rumble. Kampmann caught him in a Guillotine Choke and the rest is history.

However, according to Alves in a recent interview with MMAJunkie Radio, the decision to shoot in was based on advice he received from his teammate who later revealed angst over having lost a bet on the fight.

“Maybe he wanted me to finish the fight in a safe position. Maybe he wanted me to finish the fight on the ground so he could take credit for it. I don’t know,” said Alves, questioning his cornerman’s motivation. “But I’m a striker. That’s what I do. I’ve got to trust the people outside the corner. That’s what they’re there for.”

Alves Says Defeat to Kampmann Was “Devastating”

While the situation has been trying for Alves, the 19-9 slugger has taken things in stride, knowing he will become a better person by dealing with the adversity.

“You’ve got to try to find the positive inside of everything, even the bad moments of your life. I know I’m destined for greatness, and I know I’ll be the champion one day. It’s just preparing the path to be a little more sweet once I get it,” Alves explained of both the loss and circumstances surrounding it.