Alistair Overeem’s Top 5 Boneheaded Moments

If yesterday’s news surrounding Alistair Overeem’s failed drug test shocked you I sincerely hope it had more to do with his gross stupidity rather than him having an overwhelming amount of testosterone in his system. The reality is Overeem has made plenty of poor decisions throughout his career, showing his substance is figuratively confined to skills in a cage rather than literally located between his ears.

Here are the top five “bonehead” moments from the devastating Dutchman’s career in no particular order:

Overeem Tests Positive for Elevated Level of Testosterone

5. Cracking Cro Cop’s Cajones

In September 2008 Overeem fought Mirko Filipovic at DREAM 6. Filipovic had just parted ways with the UFC and picked up an opening round knockout, setting up a bout between two K-1 strikers beloved by Japanese fans. Though Overeem was dominant early on, as expected, for some reason he ended up throwing a few wild knees that landed low…as in, to quote Mauro Ranallo, the “peninsula south of the equator” low. Filipovic’s unwilling transformation into a soprano resulted in the fight being stopped and a sad image of “Cro Cop” limping back up the ramp to the locker room.

4. Debuting in Style

Overeem’s UFC debut was set for the company’s annual New Year’s Eve extravaganza and involved Brock Lesnar, both ingredients for making the biggest match-up of his career. Unfortunately, Overeem ended up deciding to fly back to Europe at the last second for family reasons and wouldn’t you know it, he submitted a sample for a required drug testing deadline late in addition to involving a lab not recognized by the NSAC. He then had to agree to more testing as well as random screening in the future, putting a black eye on both his unveiling and the bout in general.

3. In Yo Face

A puny 6’5”, 275 pounds, Overeem found himself in the frightening situation of having a confrontational female accost him while in Las Vegas a few days after his victory over Lesnar. While specifics are limited, Overeem placed his hand on her face and shoved her backwards. The action resulted in a Misdemeanor Battery charge he received a 90-day suspended sentence for pending 50 hours of community service and completing an anger management course.

2. Beating Up the Beat

Despite being Strikeforce heavyweight champ for nearly two years Overeem hadn’t defended his title a single time. That was about to change in mid-2009 when the organization was poised to put him up against Brett Rogers until he pulled out with a hand injury supposedly suffered in training. Shortly thereafter it came to light his powerful paw had actually been severely slashed during a bar fight involving himself and his brother (Valentijn Overeem) against multiple bouncers who allegedly jumped them. The damage also kept him out of a planned fight with Fabricio Werdum that fall.

1. From Potential Champ to Polarizing Chump

To set the scene, two months remained before what would easily be labeled as the most important fight Overeem had ever been in – an upcoming UFC title-bout over Memorial Day Weekend at UFC 146. On the line was not only the belt but the #1 ranking in the world at heavyweight. Overeem, knowing he still had two random drug tests due, showed up to Las Vegas for a press conference and – shocker – had to submit a sample. Five of his peers also happened to be screened as well. And who was the only one to come back positive? The very man who should have been most wary of the microscope he was under.

In the timeless words of Homer J. Simpson, “D’oh!”