Alistair Overeem popped for elevated level of testosterone, UFC 146 title-fight possibly off

After years of speculation surrounding whether or not Alistair Overeem has ever abused a banned substance as a means of maintaining his hulking physique it appears the world now has an answer and it’s not the one UFC President Dana White was hoping to hear.

According to the NSAC, Overeem tested positive for an elevated level of testosterone last month when the commission had a group of UFC 146 heavyweights submit random samples for screening. While the former Strikeforce champ has not been suspended for the infraction, he will not be licensed for his May 26 title-fight with Junior dos Santos unless appearing in front of the board with a clean “B” sample.

Six UFC 146 Heavyweights Given Random Screening After Recent Press Conference

Neither Overeem or the UFC has released an official comment on the matter.

One individual who has spoken out pertaining to Overeem’s status is Frank Mir who is also scheduled for action at UFC 146. Mir, if asked, issued a press release explaining he would be more than happy to face Dos Santos on short notice, stating, “I have been fortunate to be able to fight in the UFC for more than a decade, and it is a dream of mine to become the first three-time heavyweight champion in the UFC. Being able to fight Junior Dos Santos would put me one step closer to that dream.”