Brock Lesnar reportedly signs one-year deal with WWE, in Miami for Wrestlemania 28

The buzz surrounding Brock Lesnar’s potential return to WWE was kicked into high gear this morning when a credible report surfaced stating the former UFC heavyweight champ had signed a one-year deal with the professional wrestling powerhouse. Lesnar made a name for himself in WWE a decade ago as an intimidating physical force with actual grappling credentials to back it up.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Lesnar is in Miami this weekend after signing the deal and could show up on tonight’s Wrestlemania 28 broadcast.

Though it’s been awhile since Lesnar last entered the squared-circle the 34-year old has certainly kept himself busy in the interim, cracking a number of Top 10 rankings based on his success as a Mixed Martial Artist including wins over Shane Carwin, Randy Couture, and Frank Mir. Lesnar retired from MMA after back-to-back losses in part brought on by unrelated health issues he’d deal with leading up to the bouts.

CM Punk Says Lesnar Left WWE “High and Dry”

Lesnar won his first WWE title by beating The Rock and also has a memorable feud with The Undertaker resulting a Hell in the Cell bout. Interestingly enough, both men will play prominent roles on this evening’s PPV card.