Johny Hendricks: “My wrestling is just as strong, if not stronger, that GSP’s.”

UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre may have crisp stand-up and a slick submission arsenal at his disposal but few will argue the divisional king’s overwhelming amount of success is in large part due to his wrestling. Though not a decorated amateur, the uber-athletic St-Pierre has polished his grappling to a point few foes can stop his takedowns or return to their feet once he’s decided to shoot.

One man who plans to break the mold is top contender Johny Hendricks who definitely has the background to make things interesting. During a recent conversation with Knockout Radio, Hendricks pointed to his performance against Carlos Condit at UFC 158 as an example of his prowess in that department and reiterated how jacked his is about a future fight with St-Pierre.

“I wrestled Division I. I was a national champion, but here in the MMA world people act like I don’t have wrestling. One thing I think I did showcase is that my wrestling is just as strong, if not stronger, that GSP’s.”

“I don’t care where it’s at. I just want a shot at that belt so bad I can almost taste it. Nothing else matters but getting that belt.”

SOURCE: Knockout Radio/MMAWeekly