Cain Velasquez: “We all need to follow the same rules.”

There is no doubt that the UFC and UFC President Dana White have been adjusting their stances on Performance Enhancement Drugs, and with more cuts coming in the months ahead, it is a topic that’s on the minds of all the fighters. UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez has also been vocal about his stance on PEDs, and even though his teammate Lavar Johnson was caught and dropped from the UFC for testing positive for PEDs, Velazquez thinks everyone should be following the same rules.

Velasquez, who fights Antonio Silva at UFC 160, recently told MMAFighting:

 ”There’s rules out there. We all need to follow the same rules. Me, I’m a natural athlete. I think all my competitors should be the same. We should be all equal. Nobody should have an advantage like that on their side.”

“I don’t want to fight against somebody who’s on something, who’d have a huge advantage,” the heavyweight champion finished.When we both are natural going in, it’ll be the best guy that wins.”

Velasquez on the idea of more testing:

“Yes, I would. You can by looking at me. Me and Daniel (Cormier) were talking about — I forgot who were saying it, but it was two guys, they were trying to think of the two guys that they think, for sure, are not on steroids or anything. The only ones they could come up with are me and Daniel. Just by looking at us, you can tell that we don’t do anything. Or if we do, it’s not very good stuff. So I think we’re both on the side of [increased] testing. For sure, I’m all for that. Being natural, I think, is the best way to be even on the playing field.”

“That’s why we have the testing and everything. It’s a good thing. Hopefully that side of it kind of grows more and more, where people get caught beforehand. People will just stop eventually using because they know that if they are, they’ll get caught.”

UFC 160: Velasquez Vs Bigfoot II takes place at the MGM Grand  Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 25. The card will be headlined by a heavyweight title fight between current Champion Cain Velasquez and Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva. The two fought as potential contenders at UFC 146, but it was Velasquez who won the fight via technical knockout in the second round.