Jon Jones ready to put Rashad Evans “out of his misery”

Though UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and former teammate Rashad Evans are seen as rivals, as far as the 24-year old title-holder is concerned their issue is professional rather than personal no matter how Evans or media spin it. Jones recently elaborated on his mindset a month out from facing Evans at UFC 145 where he credited his satisfaction with the important things in life for preventing him from being drawn into his adversary’s game.

“I have no problem with him. Right now I have my kids, I have my girl. We have our place together. I’m following my dreams. I’m doing the right things in life. I’m on the right track,” said Jones in an interview with the UFC. “Rashad is the one who looks at this whole story like, ‘This guy went off and created his own team. He’s left the people that were there for him at the beginning.’”

Evans Thinks Knowledge Will Be Key to Beating Jones

“He’s the one who is going through this whirlwind in life and I just can’t wait to put him out of his misery and solidify me being the light heavyweight champion, telling him to go have a seat somewhere,” Jones added.

However, just because “Bones” doesn’t have a bone to pick with Evans outside of the Octagon, he’s also not blind to the state of their relationship in comparison to where it was while both trained at Greg Jackson’s gym. Jones hasn’t ruled out some sort of reconciliation between the two once they’ve squashed things on April 21 but he also isn’t expecting it.

“Whether me or Rashad will ever be friends again in the future, only God knows; only time will be able to tell,” explained Jones before concluding, “One thing that is inevitable is respect.”

Jones-Evans will headline UFC 145 in Atlanta where other featured bouts include Che Mills-Rory MacDonald and Brendan Schaub-Ben Rothwell.