Georges St-Pierre Makes Light of Steroid Accusations

UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre maintained a serious mindset leading up to last night’s headlining tilt with Nick Diaz at UFC 158 and for good reason. In addition to Diaz being a highly skilled competitor, the polarizing pugilist had also questioned St-Pierre’s character on numerous occasions leading up to the fight.

With the dust settled, St-Pierre addressed Diaz’s allegations of him using performance enhancing drugs to succeed in MMA, laughing off the insinuation at the post-fight press conference while also calling for stricter rules where steroid use was concerned.

“For someone to say to me I’m athletic, I take that as a compliment. For him, in his mind to say, ‘He needs to be on steroids, he’s very athletic’ – for me, it boosts my confidence by saying that.”

“Never took steroids in my life. I’m for Olympic testing in my sport. I’m up to do the Olympic test. I have no problem with that. I’m not a cheater – never cheated in my sport. And I think TRT – I’m against TRT. I’m against all this. If you want my opinion, you can test me any time, no problem. I’m for the testing. I think it should be more regulated.”