Johny Hendricks Ready to Find Out How Good He Really Is

Welterweight Johny Hendricks is 14-1 with wins over a number of ranked opponents but he has never faced an adversary with the polished skill-set of Carlos Condit (28-6 / 26 stoppages). That will change tonight when the talented 170ers throw down at UFC 158 with a likely title-shot on the line in what will be a short notice meeting for both.

Prior to the bout being inked, Hendricks was scheduled to square off with Jake Ellenberger. Though Ellenberger is dangerous in his own right, Hendricks recently told Fuel TV he was thrilled with the idea of testing himself against Condit and offered up an example of how he changed his training once the “Natural Born Killer” was named as his opponent.

“I had to really focus on stand-up and also the jiu-jitsu aspect, where if I take down Jake Ellenberger his jiu-jitsu isn’t near Carlos Condit’s. If I’m getting beat on my feet, I could take Jake Ellenberger down and advance. Well, if that happens with Carlos Condit, just because you take him down that might hurt you some,” explained Hendricks. “So that’s what makes this fight exciting for me, and are my skills as good as I think they are.”

Check out the complete interview with Hendricks below: