Chael Sonnen passionately defends testosterone use

After Quinton Jackson’s recent admission of using testosterone to help him heal from an injured knee that would have otherwise kept him out of a scheduled bout with Ryan Bader, the debate on TRT has heated back up with Chael Sonnen serving as an unofficial spokesman on the controversial therapy. Sonnen’s link to testosterone replacement therapy stems from a situation where he was suspended for showing an elevated level of testosterone after a 2010 fight with Anderson Silva.

The popular middleweight addressed the issue on last night’s episode of MMA Uncensored where he stood up for athletes’ rights to use medically prescribed testosterone.

“First off, if you’re gonna associate a guy with TRT, make sure you also associate the fact that it’s legal and it’s not banned. Second thing with TRT is people are really getting confused, they look at TRT and they’re missing the stuff that really is good. TRT is eight, nine, (or) ten on the list of things that a person could take to help their careers go along,” an animated Sonnen replied when questioned about the treatment.

“Secondly, any time a person says ‘performance enhancer,’ stop talking to them, because they don’t have the intellect to debate with you,” Sonnen continued, pointing out that everything any fighter does is to enhance his/her performance.

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Until athletic commissions recognize TRT as illegal it appears to be an avenue more and more fighters over the age of 30 are using including Nate Marquardt and Dan Henderson. Sonnen’s next fight is expected to come this summer when he’ll rematch rival Silva for the middleweight championship.