Darren Elkins Has No Problem with Anthony Pettis Getting a Title-Shot

UFC featherweight Darren Elkins is on the cusp of becoming the first fighters to go 5-0 at 145 since the organization added the division. To do so, the 15-2 Elkins will have to get by Antonio Carvalho tomorrow night at UFC 158, adding the well-rounded Canadian’s name to a list already featuring the likes of Michihiro Omigawa and Diego Brandao.

However, despite Elkins’ record he knows he won’t get a crack at champion Jose Aldo anytime soon given the title-holder’s August bout with Anthony Pettis in the former lightweight’s 145-pound debut. It’s a situation that might irk some but hasn’t gotten under Elkins’ skin as the 28-year old made clear in a recent interview with Five Ounces of Pain.

I know he doesn’t have he any (wins) 145 but he was about to get a shot at 155. It’s not like he’s coming off a loss or anything. He’s coming off a nice winning streak.”

“It’s not my call. All you do is fight your fight and put on the best performances possible. I can see where that fight’s coming from. It’s a big draw. It’s not a fight that doesn’t make sense.”

“I think they’re showing how tough the division is. It’s a newer division so they’re showing the depth of it. It’s one of the toughest fight classes and I think people are starting to notice that for sure.”

“Obviously is our job is in the entertainment business. If you can be technical and exciting, that’s better. Sometimes you get out there and you brawl, you let your emotions go and feel the crowd. I love those types of fights. That’s what people come to see.”

“It’s not even in the back of my mind. I go out there, I have a gameplan, and when the bell rings you let it go. Sometimes the plan changes but you go handle business and perform.”

SOURCE: Five Ounces of Pain