The Rock rocks Cleveland with musical stylings on WWE RAW

Few professional wrestlers light up an audience the way “The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment” does as The Rock once again proved on this past week’s episode of WWE RAW. Visiting the city of Cleveland, also known as the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rock brought back one of his most popular bits by putting on a “Rock Concert” and needless to say he didn’t disappoint from an entertainment standpoint.

Starting things off by informing the crowd they’d broken a RAW attendance record before transitioning into a segment on John Cena being the byproduct of Vanilla Ice having intimate relations with a Teletubbie, before long Rock took to a stool with a guitar in tow and sang an original version of Cleveland Rocks.

Verses ranged from slinging insults at Cena’s appearance, his rival’s scripted infidelity from a recent episode of RAW, “lady parts”, romancing Cena’s mother, the lack of grown men who root for Cena, and a number of other topics directed at his Wrestlemania opponent made humorous by the WWE icon’s stylings.

Check out the entire “concert” below:


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