Sean McCorkle gives fighter’s perspective on Bellator 60

This past Friday night former UFC heavyweight Sean McCorkle silently ran his post-Octagon record to 6-0 with the entire lot coming by way of an opening round submission. Known for his frank albeit funny commentary, the always-entertaining McCorkle was at it again this weekend after picking up a victory at Bellator 60, this time offering up his opinion on what he experienced as one of the organization’s newest competitors.

“I was very impressed with Bellator as a promotion as a whole fighting for them last Friday night. Their entire staff is very professional, they treat all of the fighters with the utmost respect almost going overboard catering to the fighters, and look to really be trying to build their promotion the right way,” wrote the 16-2 McCorkle in a post on The Underground, adding, “We stayed in an expensive hotel, the per diem money was way more than I expected or needed, and the production crew to the PR people to the cut guys were awesome.”

Still glowing, the 35-year old continued, “I love the tournament format they have, and the philosophy that fighters can and should fight more than just a few times a year. Obviously nobody will be able to compete with the UFC for many years, but Bellator really did impress me. It will be very interesting to see where the deal with Spike and Viacom has them after the next 18 months.”

Spike TV is expected to start broadcasting Bellator events in 2013 once the remaining aspects of the UFC’s contract with their former home finally expires. Currently plays host to Bellator’s preliminary pairings.

While most of McCorkle’s take was positive, he did mention the one sour note he came across involved fallen featherweight champ Joe Warren who was knocked out by Pat Curran earlier in the evening. Many watching felt the stoppage came late and even Bellator edited out part of the finish on a highlights package circulated online.

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“I did not get a chance to see the Curran/Warren fight the other night because they were on right before me, but Warren did not look in good shape at all backstage after the fight,” said McCorkle. “I’m not one to have my stomach easily turned either, but I was genuinely afraid for him when he passed by as they were practically carrying him. I keep hearing it was a late stoppage, and then that it wasn’t, back and forth. Either way, I genuinely hope that he is OK. That’s a scary thing to see.”

McCorkle will compete again later this month in headlining action against Brian Heden on a WMMA card in Texas marking the fourth time “Big Sexy” will have fought this year.