Jon Jones still interested in fighting at heavyweight

It’s not uncommon for Mixed Martial Artists to move down a division in hopes of entering the ring as a larger, or at least similarly-sized, competitor rather than facing opponents who are bigger/stronger. However, in the case of UFC light heavyweight king Jon Jones it appears “Bones” is interested is heading the other direction, opting to test his skills as a heavyweight rather than put any strain on his 6’4” frame by attempting to drop down to 185 pounds.

Jones recently brought up the idea again in an interview where he stated he’d already spoken to UFC President Dana White about doing so later this year though was told to hold off on the switch until after he’d potentially cleaned out his current weight-class.

“He said he didn’t consider it a good idea right now,” explained Jones in an interview with Brazilian outlet SporTV. “But after beating Dan Henderson, Rashad Evans, and maybe Alexander Gustafsson in 2012, I don’t see what to do in this division, not wanting to disrespect anybody.”

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The 24-year old title-holder also addressed the possibility of a fight with Anderson Silva, the explosive middleweight champion he’s drawn comparisons to as far as in-ring creativity and overall dominance. While Jones wasn’t necessarily opposed to the bout, it’s definitely not a match-up he’ll be seeking at any point in the future.

“My job is to be prepared to face the best in the world,” said Jones on Silva. “I’d rather not deal with Anderson, but if I have to fight him, I will focus on my confidence and on my technique. I respect and look up to him so much. For me, the ideal scenario would be having him as my mentor and learn with him after he retires. It would be great for me. That would be ideal, but the world wants to see us fighting.”

Before anything else, up next for Jones is Rashad Evans, a former teammate and current rival who he’ll face on April 21 at UFC 145.