John Cena shares touching story about cancer-stricken brother after RAW ends

Whether you love his character or hate it, like every WWE Superstar, John Cena is a real person with a life outside of the squared-circle and off-camera from the WWE Universe. While those lines are rarely blurred into a singular stream of consciousness such took place this past Monday night when WWE RAW stopped in Cena’s hometown of Boston.

After the live show ended on USA, just moments after Cena recaptured the respect of the audience by showing up The Rock as part of the hype for Wrestlemania, the 34-year old addressed the crowd with a story about why the event was so significant to him.

According to Cena, the last time he was in the building for a show was the very day he learned his youngest brother had been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. Now, back for this week’s event, his brother’s latest MRI revealed the treatment he’s been undergoing has been working and improved his chances of recovery.

Check out the video below for a side of Cena you may not have ever seen before: