Demetrious Johnson, Ian McCall headed for a rematch due to scoring error

Last night’s flyweight semifinal between Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall at UFC on FX 2 was exceptionally close, as the talented 125ers went back and forth for three rounds with “Mighty Mouse” getting the judges’ nod…or so we all thought.

According to UFC President Dana White, as well as the athletic commission in Australia overseeing the event, the scorecards were incorrectly tallied with the result actually being a Majority Draw rather than a Split Decision for Johnson. As such, a fourth round should have taken place due to the organization’s “sudden victory” format which was implemented specifically for the UFC’s flyweight tournament. As the mistake was discovered after the bout had concluded, meaning nothing could be done about it at the time, it appears McCall-Johnson are now destined for another date down the road to settle the score.

A Round-by-Round Breakdown of McCall vs. Johnson

“Controversy seems to stick to us like glue these days,” said White during the post-fight press conference. “But what can you do? I’m not going to lose any hair over it.”

The athletic commission took full responsibility for the error. A rematch between the two stand-out scrappers will be scheduled as soon as their medical status has been determined.