Georges St-Pierre: “After the first round Nick Diaz will know that he’s gonna have a bad night…”

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is a relatively humble individual despite being one of MMA’s top fighters and biggest stars. However, when it comes to his upcoming rumble with rival Nick Diaz at UFC 158, the typically soft-spoken St-Pierre has no problem letting the world know how thoroughly he plans on handling the controversial contender.

St-Pierre spoke to UFC cameras for a recent interview promoting their March 16 match-up in Montreal where he fired a few shots in Diaz’s direction…

“After the first round Nick Diaz will know that he’s gonna have a bad night and I’m a better fighter than he is. When I want the fight to go somewhere I’m taking the fight where I want it to be.”

“I believe I’m more athletic than him, I have more tools, and that’s why I’m gonna win the fight. He’s very good with his hands. He’s a great boxer, one of the best in Mixed Martial Arts. But I’m training with better boxers than him and guys who I believe are better in that regard.”

“Everybody tries to cross the line with me, they try to get into my head. I don’t care what he says, what his entourage says. The only thing that matters is I fight the best of my abilities on March 16 and the rest will take care of itself.”

Check out the full interview below: