Quinton Jackson not eyeing retirement anytime soon

During the build up to Quinton Jackson’s bout with Ryan Bader a number of questions sprung up surrounding the former light heavyweight champion’s future in MMA based on some comments he’d made about retirement, saying he would have already hung his trademark chain up if he’d beaten Jon Jones last September to re-claim the UFC title. His performance against Bader did little to clear the matter up after “Rampage” missed weight and looked sloppy in general.

Jackson addressed the issue at the post-event press conference for UFC 144 where he said, surprisingly, he not only wants to fight until 35 but perhaps even a bit longer, health permitting.

“See, I know I’m getting to the end of my career, because I say I don’t want to fight past thirty-five, but, honestly, before I hurt my knee you guys should have seen how I was training,” explained Jackson. According to “Rampage”, the injury slowed his training down and resulted in him coming in heavy as well as lacking some mobility/stability inside the Octagon.

“I’ve got this really good wrestler named Tyson Jeffries that kicks my butt in wrestling and at the beginning of this camp, I was kicking his butt, I was taking him down and the wrestling got real competitive and that’s how I hurt my knee,” the 33-year old continued. “He’s one of the best wrestlers I know and I was dealing with him, I was handling him. I was sparring really good and I was looking like a superstar and then I hurt my knee. That made me think, ‘Oh man, I’ve got a lot more time to fight.’”

“It was unfortunate, but now, I know what I can do if I come in a hundred percent,” Jackson concluded on his status both present and future. “I think I’ve got a lot of years (left). I’m ready to put on more shows. I heal up fast, I’m like a werewolf. I wasn’t even supposed to fight here, so I’ll be back really soon.”

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The loss marked the first time Jackson had lost back-to-back bouts in his decade-plus career. “Rampage” is 7-4 under the UFC banner and 32-10 overall.