Lightweight champion Benson Henderson offers up take on title win from inside the Octagon

While people undoubtedly have their own opinions on lightweight Benson Henderson’s championship win last night at UFC 144 against Frankie Edgar there are few who know how things went down better than the newly crowned divisional king himself.

Henderson opened up about the fight shortly after making his way backstage where he pointed out both a positive and negative he encountered inside the Octagon while going at it with the tough-as-nails Edgar for twenty-five minutes.

“From the second round on I stayed inside the blue circle because I kept slipping,” explained Henderson in an interview with the UFC. “Eventually I had to limit my gameplan, I had to stop doing what I wanted to do. I just stayed in the blue center and just let him go him around a little bit. My gameplan was more to cut him off. He’s very fast, he has quick lateral movement. I wanted to cut him off and do very well there but I kept freakin’ slipping. I fell like 4-5 times and they problem counted them as takedowns but it’s just because I freakin’ slipped.”

As the fight progressed Henderson not only overcame with the adversity of a slippery surface but quickly recognized an advantage over Edgar he wasted little time in exploiting.

“Around the third round my jab started landing and I saw him flinch from my jab,” said Henderson of his performance against Edgar. “I knew I kind of had him on my jab to where they’re gun-shy of the jab you own them. So at that moment when I saw him kind of flinch or pause or hesitate off my jab I realized, ‘I can land my jab all night long…I’m gonna use that, I’m gonna milk that bad boy…’”

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The 28-year old’s next opponent has yet to be determined though he will likely face Edgar a second straight time or be paired with surging 155er Anthony Pettis.

Check out the entire interview below: