Sarah Kaufman: “Rousey Loss Was Bad Timing”

UFC bantamweight Sarah Kaufman was arguably one fight away from being in the biggest bout in the history of women’s mixed martial arts. The former Strikeforce Champion had the chance to get her belt back last year but fell short against the current defending UFC champion Ronda Rousey. With a win against Rousey in the bout, it could be argued that she would have been part of the UFC 157 main event.

Kaufman isn’t bitter about it and chalks it all up to bad timing…

Kaufman told Fightline

“It was bad timing on my part to have such a big screw up (the loss to Rousey). But that is the fight game, and there will be more opportunity. Based on my last fight with Rousey, I understand it wouldn’t make sense (for a rematch). I can’t be upset in terms of how things have gone. My plan is to fight as often as I can, fight the big names, the toughest opponents and challenge myself.”

Photo Credit: Strikeforce